Saturday 18 January 2020
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Achla’s Toolbox

When teaching today’s children and youth, the messages need to be brief and catchy. Our activities contain experiential, hands-on...

Hands On

Getting kids involved in hands on activities gives them a personal experience with the workshop topics and helps to imprint it in them for...

Shmulik and Chanan

Kids like to watch our puppets, Shmulik and Chanan.  They are adorable, entertaining and relay important info to the audience.

Nutritionists are not Carrot Stick Agents

Often, when I ask my clients what is healthy to eat, the reply is “vegetables” or “fruit and vegetables. It seems that many folks...


Talk the Talk

Upgrading your lifestyle…..starts in your head Our speech is an outcome of our thoughts… including talk about food and eating....

What is a Nutrition Mentor

Achla Achila’s Nutrition Info Roll Up

Infographics is a colorful and effective way of teaching. In this roll up, we include messages about what is less healthy to eat as well as...

How Carbs Impact on the Sugar Level

Simple biochemical explanations,such as the glucose curves pictured on the whiteboard, are useful visual aids that help children to...

Nutrition Before and After a Workout

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