Saturday 18 January 2020
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All calories are NOT created equal

This is what is being found in microbiome research…the newest and one of the most exciting areas of health research. The microbiome...


Post Passover Eating Plan

Now that Passover has been over for more than a week…what is our take away? Now that we have hopefully done the post holiday clean up...


On Salt

After much thought and deliberation, as well as encouragement from friends, I have decided to put pen to paper (egads….we’ll...

Achla for Adults

This  workshop is modular…choose the units that interest your group.  We empower adults to move forward with their lifestyle and...

Useful sites, chock full of info


For more information about how to order our Nutrition Ebook in both Hebrew and English please email us at:


“Tamar Schriger came to our (high) school several times to give good nutrition workshops….The workshops were experiential and the...

Menu Building: Nutrition Before and After Working Out

In this workshop for high school students, we will discuss how to formulate a menu, using the example of eating before and after a workout....

Grains of the World

Often, we form ideas about other people and other cultures based on stereotypes and inaccurate information. Sometimes, we have sparse...

Achla Drama

Our youth don’t always have enough knowledge to make wise decisions about food and eating. Since these are important life skills,...