Saturday 18 January 2020
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Nutritionists are not Carrot Stick Agents

Often, when I ask my clients what is healthy to eat, the reply is “vegetables” or “fruit and vegetables.

It seems that many folks still view nutritionists as carrot stick and celery stick agents. This fact underlines a basic misunderstanding of the function and place of nutritionists in the health system. It is important to correct this view so that we can communicate efficiently.

We are health promoters

As health promoters, nutritionists design eating plans and recommend improving ones lifestyle, in order to upgrade their clients’ “health profile”. The health profile is comprised of a wide range of factors which influence our well being, (not just weight and BMI).

The “Health Profile” includes: exercise patterns, adequate sleep, stress management techniques, medical issues, heredity, medications and nutrition supplements, alcohol use, weight, BMI and eating habits.

Follow up visits: A Tool for Progress and Success

There are many clients who do not go to their nutritionist for follow up visits. One of the most prevalent “reasons” is that they are embarrassed to go because they did not succeed in losing weight.

The purpose of follow ups is not to hand out punishments, but rather to measure success (according to the “Health Profile”) and to figure out the next steps for the client to take.

Measuring Success

One of the widespread misunderstandings concerns how success is measured in follow ups. Success is NOT only measured on the scale!

Success is measured by looking at the factors comprising the Health Profile.

In follow up meetings, successes are noted and can continue to be part of the lifestyle. This is followed by evaluating challenges that occurred and how the eating plan can be modified to deal with them.

Follow up visits are an important and helpful part of weight management and upgrading eating habits.

Research shows that the more follow up visits that clients do, the more successes they have!

In conclusion, improving lifestyle and eating habits are important to overall well being and energy level.

There is NO contradiction between managing ones lifestyle and improving ones eating habits.

Remember: When improving ones eating habits, it’s vital to enjoy eating!

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