Saturday 18 January 2020
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With the corful infographic

With the colorful infographic

Tamar Schriger, Nutrition Mentor and Clinical Nutritionist, has many years of experience working with a variety of age groups in different settings including individual nutrition therapy in clinics, early childhood nutrition workshops for parents and workshops for children, youth and adults.

She has published articles in popular magazines and on the internet. Tamar has also trained in areas that interface with nutrition including nutrition coaching and sport nutrition.

In the context of her professional work she became aware that not all children and their parents have enough tools and information to make informed decisions about food and eating. In order to address this need, Tamar founded “Achla Achila” workshops. The workshops not only relay important messages and information, but they do it in a fun and experiential way that appeals to children.

The workshops use a variety of tools including puppets, worksheets, simple biochemical explanations, cooking and other forms of creative expression. Through the use of these tools, we endeavor to make the topic of nutrition both accessible and practical.

We also work with school staff to integrate our programs into other subjects. For instance, cutting fruit into sections can be a fun (and delicious) way of demonstrating fractions.

In order to encourage continued application of the subject matter, we also give recommendations and suggestions of activities to do at school and at home.